Frequently Asked Questions

As a pair of financial coaches, we strategize with individuals and couples on the best ways to fill the gap of where they are and where they desire to be. We provide tools and resources to fill that gap. We also serve as accountability partners for moments when you you want to quit.

Financial coaches are great for individuals and couples who are

  • tired of living paycheck to paycheck
  • ready to create a mindset shift from a poverty mentality to a wealth mentality, and/orĀ 
  • able to see themselves beyond their current situation and desire steps and strategies to get there.

Absolutely! As a husband and wife team, we are equipped to assist women, men, and couples.


It may not easy to trust someone with something as important as your money. Let’s jump on a 30-minute Financial Fingerprint Discovery Call to discover your financial greenprint and to discover your next steps towards financial freedom.