Financial Bedrock E-Course

"Your finances won’t change until you change"

~Oliver & Maquita Green

Are your bills piling up?

Are the interest rates from your creditors high? Do you have more month than money? Are your credit cards to the max? Are you paying overdraft fees? Does your family struggle to plan and pay for vacations? Are your finances affecting your marriage? If you said YES to any of these questions, we have a solution for you. 

The journey to financial freedom is not always easy. Sometimes we need someone to give us the steps. Sometimes we need someone to share their personal testimonies. Sometimes we need someone to walk the journey with us. All of this is available with this e-course.

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Here is what you will receive!

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Video Modules

In this course, you will receive twenty (20) videos to help you jumpstart your journey to financial freedom. Each video will give you a step to take for a successful journey. There will be specific action steps for you to take. Each step will be explained by someone who has walked through this journey before.


Watching videos can be inspiring but the goal of this e-course is to change your financial situation. This means there is work for you to do. Along with each step explained in the videos, you will receive worksheets to complete along the way. The worksheets will take some time to complete. They will cause you to take a long look into your financial situation as it is today as well as where you want to see it in the future. The worksheets will also challenge your mindset.


Digital Copy

How Our Savings Went From $0 to $40k
This e-course is based on the practical steps that this married couple took along their journey to financial freedom. They have written a book that walks through the steps. The book is sold on However, you will receive an electronic copy of the book with this e-course.

Access to Online Community

You will have access to a private Facebook community where you can ask questions and grow with other individuals and families who are also walking along their journey to financial freedom.