Regroup 4 Change LLC

ReGroup4Change LLC is a financial coaching entity where we strategize opportunities with individuals and couples to regroup and shift from ineffective to effective financial decision making practices. We remember living paycheck to paycheck. We remember not having any money in a savings account. We remember struggling to vacation with our children and other family embers. We got unsuck and now we want to walk alongside others to do the same.

Oliver H Green III


We want to see you at your FULL Potential

Let me be the first to tell you, I wasn’t always interested in getting my finances in order. If you want to know the truth, I was voluntold. My wife strong-armed me. I was used to having nice things and getting them when I wanted them, no matter the cost or the consequences. 


One day, I snuck into the budget spreadsheet and I don’t know what magic dust she put on those pages, but all of a sudden, I was in. I went all in. I am now geeked about working with other men to get their minds transformed and on track. 

Marquita H Green

Nothing is IMpossible!

When I heard another wife talk about how her family was financially set up to take trips and to put down a substantial down payment on their home, my mind began to wonder. I wondered what I could do to have that same outcome. I began to imagine more than we had at the time. Doing more than we were doing at the time. 


I asked my husband about it and he was kinda blah, but I went for it. I sat down and spent hours trying to get from negative to positive. Little by little, I started to see things change. I couldn’t stop there. I kept pressing through. Savings. Vacations. Debt reduction. It was happening. And it is still happening today. Whoohoo!

"Jump Start Your Way To Financial Freedom"

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